Councillors In Training (CIT)

"Get outside, be active, explore, discover and have FUN!!!”

Our Counsellor in Training (CIT) program helps prepare youth aged 12 - 15 years become camp staff in the future.  Youth will participate in team building activities, group initiatives, active games & sports.  Youth will learn skills and gain experience regarding our camp operations to begin their leadership experience as a C.I.T!  This CIT week of training will allow them to be a valuable volunteer and counselor helper during the summer. Once youth have completed the week training program, CITs will be partnered with a camp counsellor and group of day camp participants to put their new skills in practice during any week of camp.   Youth will be introduced to all aspects of the camp program, and our seasoned camp staff will help prepare youth and teach the importance of being an engaged member of our camp team!  

Youth must attend CIT Week in order to be certified to help at camp during the summer.  There is no cost for youth to attend the week of training (CIT Week) nor to attend camp weeks they are volunteering at.  This program is absolutely free-we simply want youth to gain skills and become engaged in positive behaviours over the summer months!