Thank you to the members of the Task Force for reviewing all of the information. As a result of the Task Force meetings the Board is following up with the recommendations. 

YMCA of Moose Jaw Task Force / Fairford Facility Recommendations

The Board of Directors has reviewed the applications received for the YMCA of Moose Jaw Task Force. We thank all those who have applied and sincerely appreciate the dedication and interest in the YMCA shown by our members. In reviewing the applications, we considered the Terms of Reference, relevant experience, and areas of expertise. 

The Task Force members are:

Elise Melanson

Barry Gunther

Cheryl Whitehead

Jeremy Brehm

Errol Fonger

Tania Korbo

The YMCA of Moose Jaw will continue to inform our members through updates on this page, as they become available- thank you. Please find below the minutes for the special meeting, note that comments were recorded, but for the ease of reading the minutes only questions and answers have been included. 


If you wish to be contacted directly or have questions, we would be happy to speak with you. Please complete the form below and we will get back you. 

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