Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will the YMCA be selling its equipment or memorabilia?

We will likely be selling off any equipment we do own.  The process for which we have not yet fully determined.  If interested in any equipment specifically, please contact Diana Deakin-Thomas through and indicate the type of equipment or memorabilia that you would be interested in as we will keep a list of those interested and contact them as soon as we have more information.

2.  How much did the YMCA raise in fundraising last year?  Could it not raise enough funds to continue?  Did it not have enough volunteers?

I would like to thank the many residents who have sent in or posted wonderful comments about our staff, volunteers and donors. 

This fiscal we have 35 volunteers supporting our programs and services, 79 staff donors and 19 residents who also made financial donations.  Financial statements of 2018 indicate we raised $107,326.  Last year, 307 individuals participated in our programs and services as a result of the generosity of our donors – 80 children attended camp through this support.  In total 176 children and youth infancy to age 17 participated. 

Our YMCA has been supported tremendously over the years by our donors and volunteers.  I would like to sincerely thank all those who have supported our community through the YMCA as donors and volunteers.  My hope is that we will be able to continue to provide this support in our community through the YMCA.

3. How many staff will lose their jobs as a result of the closure?

We advised our members during the meeting that we would be giving notice to approx. 31 staff and we had a total of 80 staff including all full-time, part-time and seasonal / contract. We also advised members that we would be trying to save as many jobs and programs as possible by pursuing an orderly dissolution of the business.

4. I have heard that the five Child care centres are viable operations but that the two Fitness centres are not currently viable. And then a mention of community programs but no information on whether they are viable or not? Can you clarify what was meant by “viable” so I can better understand?

The YMCA in Canada is the largest non-profit provider of Child Care, offering programs for parents since 1968. YMCA Moose Jaw has offered Child Care in our community since 2004. The statement that our Child Care programs are viable was meant to communicate our Child Care operations do not operate at a deficit and so we are able to continue to pay our staff, pay our rent or mortgage payments, replace old or broken equipment etc. from the revenues we earn. Our press releases did state that we face financial challenges “due to declining memberships, increasing annual operating expenses, increased capital demands from ageing facilities that needed big investments as well as increased competition.” Our audited financial statements are available in the footer menu of our website. If you have a specific question we can assist you with regarding our financials, please email

Community Programs -

Many of our community programs are run in conjunction with other community partners and / or through a granting foundation. We are working with all our partners to finalize which grants will continue, can be transferred and/or which partners will now assume leadership of a particular program or service. We respond to the community’s needs by delivering health and social programs that support the overall well-being of individuals and families, with a particular focus on children and youth. Examples of our past community programs include: Steps for Success which enabled high school graduation for youth at risk, Plugged In which focused on getting youth more active after school, and FRIENDS Resilience training to support youth mental health. As soon as we are able we will post information on each program and partnership on our website.

5. What has been the decline in memberships?

Our membership has declined by almost 600 if we look at February 2019 compared to February 2017. Since there are seasonal shifts with gym memberships, if we look at averages - memberships were down 6% last year (2018-2017) and are down another 7% this year.

6. The YMCA is hoping to be able to save our local Child Care. How does Child Care work?

The question is somewhat general so please email us if there was something more specific you were seeking an answer to. The YMCA in Canada is the largest non-profit provider of Child care and our YMCA Playing to Learn(TM) curriculum is well recognized. Our licensed child care is regulated and monitored by the Early Years Branch of the Ministry of Education. The Ministry regulations outline for example the maximum number of children one person can be responsible for. Staff in Child Care Centres are Certified Early Childhood Educators, with exception of staff who are undergoing training for their ECE certification. All our Educators are required to participate in and complete the YMCA Playing to Learn Core Trainings and our training team also audit all YMCA Child Care centres across Canada to encourage us to strive for excellence. The Moose Jaw YMCA Child Care team is among the best in Canada, consistently scoring above the national average during annual audits.

Child Care has long been core to the YMCA’s offering across Canada. The YMCA remains dedicated to offering high-quality, research-based programs that are enriching for children by supporting families as they transition to the YMCA of Regina

Parents using a licensed service may be eligible for a Provincial Child Care Subsidy to help with child care fees. Learn more about Provincial subsidies.

7. With the Fairford Centre closing, what are parents supposed to do about Before and After School care?

For parents whose children are currently enrolled in the YMCA Before and After School program at Fairford, we will be setting up a time to meet with families to ensure we can support the smooth transition of their child’s care. If there is another YMCA location that would be suitable, we will work closely with families to arrange for their child to transfer to another location. Programs currently existing at St. Mary’s will continue and we are working to secure other locations. The YMCA however will not be able to offer bus transportation for any of our Child Care or Before and After School programs after June 30.

The YMCA is in the process of working with our school boards to outline options for the Fall of 2019. We are hoping to send parents a letter explaining these options and asking for feedback / an expression of interest so that we can finalize plans and support their transition.

We know the decision to close our Fairford location is difficult for families to hear. We want to assure you we left no stone unturned trying to come up with an alternative. We met with the City and others to determine if there were any alternatives to closing that had not yet been considered. There were none. The building is old and in disrepair and neither the City, nor the YMCA could afford to continue to invest in the building to ensure its safe operation.

8. Why is the Before and After School Program not yet finalized?

Before and After School Programs run from September to June when there is sufficient confirmed interest by families and we have been working with school boards to determine how to best accommodate parents needs for the upcoming school year.  

With the closing of the Fairford location there are nine schools impacted and we are working to determine how to best support families moving forward.  Both the schools and the YMCA aim to have plans finalized and shared with parents before the end of June.  Families will be sent a letter detailing options to enable them to submit their interest to enable schools and the YMCA of Regina to finalize plans for September 2019.  We will be outlining for parents:

  • The fees for before-and-after school programs, as well as the days and times of operation

  • The process and approach for determining sufficient demand and viability.

  • Information on how to respond and when to apply

For the latest information on our Before and After School programs, please visit our Community Programs page.

9. Are there changes to the programs at St. Mary’s? 

No. There is an Early Learning program and a Before and After School program at St. Mary’s and both those programs will continue under the leadership of the YMCA of Regina.

10. The YMCA made 3.8 million in revenue last year?  How can operating expenses be that high?

The YMCA is a charity and so the revenue we receive from funders, donors, participant fees, and other sources closely equates to the expenses we incur.  The YMCA of Moose Jaw strives to be a good local employer and so you'll see in our financial statements, that a lot of our expenses are related to salaries and benefits. We also have expenses for program supplies and equipment, training, insurance, rent, utilities, HR, finance, and other items related to running a safe, high quality, and accountable organization. 

11. What could happen if the YMCA of Moose Jaw went into bankruptcy?

When a company files for bankruptcy, a trustee is appointed and becomes the administrator of all property and assets. One of the roles of the trustee is to wind up the business by selling all the assets and depositing the funds in trust for the creditors in bankruptcy.

12. Does the City own the Fairford building? If so, don’t they have to fix it instead of costs coming out of the YMCA’s budget like a lot of the articles say?

The city does own the building and questions related to the building are best directed to

13. Will YMCA staff who are given notice get proper notice or severance packages?

It would be inappropriate for us to comment on any matters relating to staff contracts that could violate privacy laws or YMCA policies. The Saskatchewan Labour Standards Act clearly outlines the amount of notice employers must provide and the YMCA of Moose Jaw provided written notice to all employees whose employment is being terminated. Each notice will vary depending on the specific tenure of the employee. The majority of YMCA of Moose Jaw staff will not lose their jobs but become employees of the YMCA of Regina.

14. What about Summer Day Camp? How are our kids getting to excursions? What if there are storms?

We are excited about this summer’s new programming at Wakamow Valley. Regarding excursions, we are working closely with our local school board for transportation. With respect to inclement weather, we will be watching the weather closely and will let families know if they are to drop off at an indoor school location different from Wakamow. We are very thankful to both boards of education for their support of summer camp this year. If you have any questions about Summer Day Camps, please don’t hesitate to speak with Jenna Englesman currently available at

15. The Regina YMCA now owns the daycare spots here – can they take away Child Care spots at any time they decide that they need them in Regina?

No, licensed child care is regulated and monitored by the Early Years Branch of the Ministry of Education. For more information, please visit the Ministry website.

16. If the Before and After School program at St Mary's is staying open, where will the kids go all day on non-school days? What about weeks off school? If you open new Before and After School programs in different school locations, the same question remains. We need to have somewhere for our kids on random days off as well as the school breaks in December, February and April/May.

The YMCA of Regina will be working with local school boards and community groups to determine what options might be available to address this need. Before and After School programs are created when there is sufficient confirmed interest by families and again we are working with all our community partners to determine how we can be support families moving forward.

17. Can I obtain a charitable tax receipt for the value of my remaining Health & Fitness membership?

In working through the process for a legal process of dissolution, we currently are not able to determine if there will be sufficient resources to reimburse members for their pre-paid memberships. There is an option available to “paid in full” members where you can receive the value of your remaining membership as a charitable gift receipt.

Should you wish to follow this process, please complete and sign a “Request to transfer membership to charitable gift” form available at each of our Health & Fitness facilities. The form includes your name, membership number, address, phone number, and the value of remaining membership and the YMCA must ensure that we have witnessed your signature. We will then process the form and mail you a charitable tax receipt.

Following the closure of our business operations on June 30th we will be performing all the final acts required for dissolution of the business such as disposing / selling off property. Once we have done so we will be able to distribute any remaining funds among the unsecured creditors according to their respective rights.

Still have questions?

Please continue to submit your questions by visiting a centre, posting on our social media sites or emailing