Girl Power


Female students in our community reporting moderate to high levels of anxiety and depression increases substantially from grade 7 to grade 9, while reports of self-esteem decreases. In 2014, 43% of girls in grade 9 reported experiencing moderate to high levels of anxiety and 41% reported moderate or high levels of depression and only 51% experienced positive self-esteem.



When girls build confidence, feel they matter and belong, engage in meaningful dialogue, explore and share their experiences with each other, and learn critical thinking and decision-making skills, they begin to learn how to interpret, challenge and ultimately change their experience in the world. Girl Power focuses on building self awareness for skills for feelings and thoughts, problem solving and coping skills, trust and social supportnetworks, self-esteem and leadership. Girl Power offers 3 levels of intervention:

● In-school mentorship for small groups of girls from grades 5 to 8

● Y Girls - a weekly girls only program to make friends and have fun- ages 8-13

● Girls Leadership - a once a month leadership program for girls to interact with and learn from influential women in our community - grades 8 to 10



● 100% of students demonstrated improvement in relationships and decision making

● 100% of teachers agreed that the program was useful in overall impact

● 90% of teachers noticed academic improvement in students

● 100% of students demonstrated improvement in positive behaviours



Referrals can be made by speaking to the child/youth’s principal, social worker, or mental health and addictions worker.

For more information contact the Manager of Educational & Community Initiatives at 306-692-0688 Ext 229



Donate! Your contributions allow the Mentorship Program to nurture the potential of children, teens and

young adults, promoting healthy living and fostering social responsibility.

Along with continuous improvement to our current programs, we are also looking to serve more children

and youth and impact more families as need continues to grow.

All donations can be made as a one-time contribution or a part of planned installments and are 100% tax deductible.


Means a child does not have to experience transportation as a barrier


Provides a child with healthy snacks and fun activities for a year


Sponsors one child’s participation for a year


Sponsors an entire program for a year

 We wish to thank Community Initiatives Fund for their financial support.

We wish to thank Community Initiatives Fund for their financial support.