A Year-End Update for our Community

A Year-End Update for our Community December 31, 2018

The Board of Directors of the YMCA of Moose Jaw extends best wishes for the new year to our community. We have prepared an update on upcoming activities, so you will know what to expect over the next few months, as we plan for the future of our organization.

Last week, on December 24, 2018, the Board of Directors of the YMCA of Moose Jaw (YMJ) announced the appointment of Darryl McKenzie as Interim Chief Executive Officer. When Darryl assumes his role on January 2, 2019, Acting CEO Angie Publicover will return to her position as the YMJ Funds Development & Administration Coordinator. This interim leadership structure has been implemented to maintain operations while Jeff Fox is on a leave of absence.

Darryl's appointment is a short-term assignment, and we expect that he will be working with us until mid February 2019. Details about Darryl's extensive experience in executive leadership are included in our December 24, 2018 Announcement.

As Interim CEO, Darryl will be working with our senior staff to manage daily operations. At the request of the Board of Directors, he will also conduct an analysis of current operations, with a focus on the long term viability of our organization.

In the meantime, the YMCA of Moose Jaw will maintain services and regular hours of operation at all our locations.

Over the past year, there has been a high level of community interest in the long-term future of the Health and Fitness Centre at 220 Fairford Street East. A decision on this matter has been put on hold by the Board pending the review of our organization's overall long-term viability.

The Board is thankful for the commitment and enthusiasm of our members and we have made significant progress in board renewal. At our recent Annual General Meeting, held October 25, 2018, our board increased to 12—a diverse and passionate team of volunteers charged with the stewardship of our YMCA.

As we close another eventful year, our Board of Directors extends our deep appreciation to the community, our members, volunteers, sponsors, and donors. We also thank our committed team of employees for their contribution to our organization

If you have any questions about the YMCA and our focus in the weeks ahead, please feel free to contact me at chrisdon@sasktel.net or Interim CEO Darryl McKenzie at Darryl.McKenzie@ymca.ca.

We wish you a wonderful year ahead and we thank you for your support.

Christine Boyczuk

President, YMCA of Moose Jaw