The YMCA is about more than just a healthy lifestyle - it’s about bringing people together to strengthen our community. It doesn’t matter what shape you’re in! You will find lots of enjoyable classes for all age groups and fitness levels at the YMCA, which will soon have you feeling great in more ways than you ever thought possible! Included in every membership are dozens of weekly drop-in classes and a discount on specialty programs.

March 4- April 28 Schedule

April 29- June 30 Schedule

Included in your YMCA membership are dozen's of drop-in Adult Group Fitness classes and a discount on specialty programs.  Our classes and programs are great for all fitness levels!

Young Adult (13-18)

For information on our programming and services for youth and young adults please see the adult fitness and class schedule.

Children (Ages 6-12)

Children’s programs are FREE and included as a benefit for an annual child member! Our classes offer a safe & friendly place to learn, explore, make new friends and be active!

Early Years (0-5)

The Early Years programs are offered at the Early Years Family Resource Center on 679 Hall Street. This partnership location provides information, referrals and FREE programs ALL for families with children 5 and under.

Early Years Family Resource Center

Gymnasium Schedule

YMCA Member Swim Schedule

Although we might not have a pool at our YMCA, we still ensure our members have access to swimming! Children also receive a discount on swimming lessons. Not an annual member yet? Stop in and sign up today.