Steps 4 Success

YMCA Education and Training provides people of all ages and backgrounds with the skills, training and experience to help them achieve their potential through education and skill development.


The importance of the issue of youth not in school has been recognized for a number of years. High school graduation is the key in developing the skills, knowledge, and confidence to pursue future education. High school graduation is necessary in becoming economically self-sufficient, by providing the opportunity for post-secondary education or meaningful employment.

We wish to thank the Canada Post Community Foundation for sponsoring this program.

We wish to thank the Canada Post Community Foundation for sponsoring this program.


Working in partnership with Prairie South School Division, the Steps4Success Program is a resource made available to students in grades 9 to 12. The program is a preventative measure for students who find themselves experiencing difficulties in their academic and social development. A youth worker acts as a mentor, an advocate, and a service coordinator whose primary goal is to keep education a salient issue for students and their families.

Schools can make referrals for a youth worker to build relationships with students both inside and outside of the school environment, depending on the needs to of the student. A student does not have to have "done something" to be referred to the program, rather a referral can be made as an early intervention for a student that is struggling in school or is looking for extra support.

Working in a community-school partnership our goal is to decrease dropout rates and increase attendance, persistence in school, accrual of credits, and graduation rates. We help to empower students to problem solve and use critical thinking skills, participate in recreation and stress management activities, and learn to manage their personal lives through the acquisition of social skills and the enhancement of their self-respect and respect for others.



● 83% of students feel that they learned something new

● 96% of students feel that they are prepared to reengage in school

● 92% of students feel that they are caught up on school work



Donate! Your contributions allow the Steps4Success High School Program to nurture the potential of teens and young adults, promoting healthy living and fostering social responsibility.

Along with continuous improvement to our current programs, we are also looking to serve and impact more youth as need continues to grow.

All donations can be made as a one-time contribution or a part of planned installments and are 100% tax deductible.


Provides nutritious snacks to youth participating inthe program for one month.


Provides materials and supplies so that youth have the best tools to build skills.


Sponsors one youth participant.


Sponsors an entire program for one year.