Youth Leadership

YMCA Youth Leadership helps teens and young adults across Canada connect to and become actively involved in their communities.

Our Youth Leadership programs are delivered by committed, trusted staff and volunteers in safe environments where young people can simply be themselves, find their voices and have a seat at the table - encouraging greater independence and fostering skills in collaboration, accountability and leadership. 

YMCA Youth Advisory Council (13-24 years of age)

The YMCA Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is a group of 10 youth who act as an advisory board to assist the YMCA in planning and programming with youth voice at the forefront and helps the YMCA make key decisions in all areas of it's operations.

YMCA Youth Advisory Council Volunteer Nomination

Do you know any youth who would benefit from the opportunity to develop leadership skills and gain experience in a supportive environment while building new networks with their peers?

The council has three core roles:

1. An advisory capacity toward the YMCA’s youth engagement initiatives

2. Community relationship building and networking

3. Philanthropy

What we need from you as a community leader who interacts with youth is:

• Select youth 13-24 years of age who you think are fantastic and ready for a new opportunity

• Send the full name, email and phone number of your selected youth to Phil Simms at

• Include a short paragraph relating any information you wish to share about why you think this youth should be selected

• Congratulate yourself on helping empower youth in our community

YMCA Youth Engagement will handle the rest.

Without your support we can’t create a dynamic and engaged council  so THANK YOU!

Any questions can be directed to Phil Simms at